Warcry: Nightmare Quest

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Two new warbands are prowling the creaky forest - the elite Stormforged Eternals and the gruesome Royal Beastskinners of the Courts of the Corpse Eaters.
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This set contains:

  • 64-page warrior's scrapbook: power and madness softcover edition.
  • Questor Soulsworn
    • 6 Traveling Questors, two models can alternatively be built as First Questors and two as Knight Relictors
  • Royal Beast Skinner
    • 1 Royal Master Skinner, 1 Beast Skinner Baron, and 3 Ghoul Blood Squires with a choice of cosmetic options, as well as 2 Ghoul Hounds and 3 Ghoul Trackers
  • Creaky Forest Terrain
    • 10 terrain pieces: 1 empire shaper, 2 creaky empires, 2 suspension bridges, and 5 obstacles including ruined ruins, palisades, bones, and broken pillars
  • A double-sided, foldable 22-inch x 30-inch game board depicting two dangerous jungle floors
  • 30 battle plan cards, including 12 terrain cards, 6 deployment cards, 6 victory cards and 6 turn cards
  • 17 warrior rake cards, including 2 ability cards, 3 separation cards, 7 fighter cards for the Questor Soulsworn, and 5 fighter cards for the Royal Beast Skinners

 You will need a copy of Warcry: Primer to use the contents of this expansion set.

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